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T-RIP 2.0 is Magic Software for Inkjet Printers

Compatible with Windows 10!

A RIP (raster Image Processor) is highly specialized software that is like a customized printer driver. 

Film Output from an Inkjet Printer

Epson1430-Group-TransparentAre you tired of trying to get your laser printer vellums to lineup at press? Do you want to start using halftones? Does your inkjet printer not lay down enough black ink to burn a good screen? You need T-RIP 2.0 for film output. It converts a "dumb" Epson inkjet printer into an imagesetter with perfect film positives for garment screen printing. T-RIP is the next generate of Scott Fresener's popular FastRIP and is the easiest to use and most powerful RIP in the industry.

What's new in T-RIP 2.0?
We have done under-the-hood tweaking, improved how it works in Windows 8.1, made it compatible with Windows 10, and for new users we have added an Ink Density Test Page to help get the right amount of ink deposit when using black ink in more than one cartridge. If you already have T-RIP version 1.2 there is no need to upgrade unless you upgrade to Windows 10. T-RIP 1.0 and 1.2 are not Windows 10 compatible. You can upgrade HERE. If you tried the Free Trial before but did not buy it then you can now try it again for 15 more days!

Important Windows 10 Note: Microsoft is now forcing many Windows 7 and 8.1 users to automatically upgrade to Windows 10. This often happens on a re-boot or when a user tries to upgrade their current version. T-RIP 1.2 is not supported for Windows 10 and if you do upgrade from 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10 you will need to upgrade to T-RIP 2.0 or downgrade back to and earlier version of Windows.

Important Windows 10 Update Problem: Windows is doing automatic Windows 10 updates and for some unknown reason this update changes the Machine ID for the computer. Our security program (and most other software) uses this. We have had reports of customers getting a "dongle not found" error after the update – even though we do not use a dongle. The "fix" for this Windows induced problem is to reinstall T-RIP with the latest Free Trial (build 3.51) that was put online on October 28, 2017. Check the Support page for more details.

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