T-RIP Film Output Features

T-RIP version 2.0
T-RIP is a feature rich program that helps improve productivity and quality when outputting films for screen making. If you have been using a laser printer and vellum, or an inkjet printer without a rip, then you know the limitations. Vellum paper can shrink and not hold register – and if trying to output halftone dots – the dots are very weak and burn through when trying to hold them on a screen. If you are using an inkjet printer without a rip then you are not able to get halftone dots and in most cases the ink deposit is not dense.

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Complete Ink Control
With T-RIP you have complete control over the amount of ink you print. There is a wide range of good, poor and just plain bad clear inkjet film on the market. Some have very weak inkjet ink receptive coatings and they require more and sometimes even less ink in order to make a good film. With T-RIP you have the ability to print in Single Density, Double Density, and Triple Density mode and at a variety of resolutions and speeds. This means you have great flexibility when printing films.

Print From More Than One Black Slot
T-RIP allows you to use a bulk ink system and print black ink from all the slots. This can help minimize ink waste. You can also print from just the black slot and put inkjet cleaning fluid in the rest of the slots of a bulk printing system. T-RIP 2.0 has much better control and you can now tell T-RIP exactly how much black to print from each slot so you don't have wet films!  

Preview the Final Seps
One feature most other RIPs do not have is the ability to preview the image BEFORE you send the file to the printer. This allows you to see the exact placement on the film and to verify that you have the correct film size selected. And, you can actually view the exact halftoned file that is sent to the printer. Zoom in on the halftones and check the quality. The is very cool!   


Easily Print From Your Favorite Graphic Program
Printing with T-RIP is easy. Simply print to your "T-RIP" printer just like you would any other print job. In fact, even though you can preview the image in T-RIP and perform many of the following functions, you can also simply click print and walk away while your films print!

Choose from a Wide Range of Printers
With T-RIP you can choose from a wide range of printers – 0ld and new. From the workhorse Epson 3000 to the latest 4900 or 1430 and SC series, you have the ability to find a rip for the printer of your choice. In many cases larger printers have the ability to print from rolls of film to save money. T-RIP has a roll feature that lets you maximize your film.    

Nest/Gang Images for Film Savings
You can also nest images (gang) on one film to save on film costs. This is very important when printing to large format inkjet printers.

Print Directly from T-RIP to the Printer
Many print drivers use Windows Print Manager when printing. Windows Print Manager is not nearly as reliable as printing directly to the printer with T-RIP. With Windows Print Manager, if you cancel a job it is often very hard to stop or "kill" a job. With T-RIP when you press Cancel, the job is cancelled. Nothing is hung up in memory. And, with WPM when you unplug your printer it will often change the printer port. You will not have those problems with T-RIP.

Complete Halftone Control
With T-RIP have get very accurate halftone dots that are linearized based on the standard films used in the industry. This means that when your image has a 50% halftone dot that T-RIP actually prints a 50% halftone dot. Some RIPs can be off by as much as 20%.

You can let your application (Corel Draw, Photoshop, Illustrator) control the size, shape and angle of the halftone. Or, you can pre-set T-RIP to use standard settings and simply send the job from your graphics program to T-RIP. 

Exclusive Variable Dot Halftones
T-RIP is able to use Epson's powerful variable dot printing. This means T-RIP can print with three different drop sizes and by mixing these it can print precise halftone dots three to four times FASTER than any other rip. 

Control the Maintenance Functions of Printer
You don't need to leave T-RIP to do head cleanings, nozzle checks, ink level checks or other maintenance functions. These can all be done right from within T-RIP.

Easily Re-Print Old Jobs
With T-RIP you can easily archive jobs and simply call them up again for new film output.

Determine Ink Costs
With our costing feature you can accurately determine how much it costs to print a film.


Print Crop Marks and Labels
You can easily print crop marks and labels and comments on the films. You can specify where the crop marks are placed.


Extensive Help Built In
T-RIP has a very extensive Help menu that is easy to use when you have questions. 


63-Page User Manual
You get a 63-page User Manual with T-RIP as a PDF file that you can print out. It details everything from the basics of printing films on inkjet printers, to how to install, run, and troubleshoot T-RIP. Download T-RIP PDF Manual

Excellent Support
Support for T-RIP is available via email, direct phone calls, and with online forums. We excel in giving excellent support for T-RIP. We know that when you are not printing films you are not printing shirts!

FREE Trial
You can download a Free Trial that is fully functioning for 15 days! It includes all the printer drivers and includes all the versions of T-RIP. This is the easy way to compare T-RIP to other products.