Upgrade from Scott Fresener’s popular FastRIP

RIP HS Package_webT-RIP is the big brother to Scott Fresener’s original FastRIP. FastRIP was the defacto standard in RIP software for garment printers for many years. It was the first affordable industry specific RIP on the market. In mid-2009 FastRIP was upgraded and became T-RIP. The problem is that FastRIP is now at least five years old and it won’t work on most of the newer computer operating systems including 64-bit computers. And, it does not have drivers for the newer Epson printers like the 1430, 4900, Workforce series and others.

If you have upgraded to a newer computer or newer printer then you will need to upgrade to FastRIP. The cost is very low and you get the latest and greatest version of a program you are already familiar with.

T-RIPThe bad news is around 2008, U. S. Screen print (the original company who sold FastRIP) stopped offering a Mac version. If you have a Mac version of FastRIP there is no Mac upgrade available. T-RIP will work on a Mac if you have Windows emulation and you can upgrade a Mac FastRIP to the Windows version of T-RIP.

T-RIP does not require a dongle but you need the dongle number to qualify for the upgrade price. You DO NOT need FastRIP installed (it won’t install on newer computers) to upgrade. The upgrade is a full version. It is easy to upgrade. Simply download the Free Trial from the T-Biz Network Downloads page. Order and pay for the upgrade at the T-Biz Store. We will send you a PIN number to permanently unlock T-RIP. We no longer send out CDs of the program.

Upgrade to T-RIP at the T-Biz Store